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From shipping containers, bins, baskets, pallets, pallet jacks, ladders, office furniture, shelving, racks. We have it all! Most products can be custom made to your specifications.

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Dock & Warehouse Equipment

Drum & Warehouse Equipment - Conveyors - Spill Containment- Ted Thorsen Material Handling
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Dock & Warehouse Equip

Kwik Kit™
Safety Railing Kits

Complete Clear-Flex II® Strip Doors

Adjustable Pallet Stands

Chain Hoists and Cable Pullers


Dock Boards


Ultra-I-Beam Protectors

Ultra-Corner Protectors

Ultra-Wall Protectors

Ultra-Rack Protector Plus

Air-Flex™ Insect Barrier Strip Doors

Laminated Dock Bumpers

Fork Truck Fork Caddy

Ride On Platform Lift

Protective Barriers

Stretch Wrap Machines

Thin Spin™
Pallet Truck Loadable Carousel

Prylever Bars

DuraShield Bug Screen Doors

Pallet Cart & Carousel

DuraShield Vinyl Curtain Roll-Up Doors

DuraShield Wire Mesh Security Doors

DuraShield Bird Screen Doors
Drum Handling

Drum Chocks

Drum Dollies

Drum Pallets

Drum Tiers

Drum Transport and Stacking Stand

Fork Truck Drum Carrier/Rotators

Lo-Profile Drum Caddies With Bung Wrench Handle

Poly Drum Cradles

Revolving Drum Carts

Pallet Truck for 55 Gallon Drums

"Drum King" Drum Handling Truck

Stackable Drum Racks

Drum N' Barrel Safety Truck

Drum 'N Barrel Truck

Drum Truck for 85 Gallon Overpacks

Multi-Function Drum Truck

Powered Aluminum Drum Handling Truck
Spill Containment

Outdoor Containment Unit -1 Drum

Outdoor Containment Unit -2 Drums

Outdoor Containment Unit -4 Drums

Ultra-Spill Pallet Economy Models

Ultra-Spill King Drum Pallet and Sump

Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus

Ultra-IBC Hard Top

Ultra-Twin IBC Hard Top

Ultra-Utility Trays

Ultra-Spill Decks
1, 2, and 4 Drum Configuration

Ultra-Spill Decks
6 and 8 Drum Configurations

Ultra-Spill Deck Bladder Systems

Ultra-275 Containment Sumps

Ultra-550 Containment Sumps

Ultra-1000 Containment Sumps

Ultra-Containment Berms - Collapsible Wall Model

Ultra-Containment Berms - Rapid Rise Model

Bung Access Funnel

Burp Free Funnel

Ultra-Drain Seals

Ultra-Spill Berms

Ultra-Spill Berm - Low Profile

Ultra-Spill Berm Plus

Ultra-Drain Guards - Oil & Sediment Models

Ultra-Drain Guards - Oil & Sediment Plus Models

Ultra-Drain Guards - Trash & Debris Models

Ultra-Roof Drip Diverters

Ultra-Spill Pallet Plus Models
Pallets - Pallet Racking


Pallet Framing

Pallet Jacks/Trucks

Pallet Racking

Pallet Stands

Semi-Live Skids

Pallet Cart & Carousel
Conveyor Systems

Speed Rails
Overhead Garment Conveyor System

Nestaflex® 226 Flexible
Gravity Conveyor

Nestaflex® 200 Gravity Roller Conveyor

Nestaflex® 275 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor

Nestaflex® 375 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor

Nestaflex® Impact Conveyors

Gravity Conveyors

Incline Cleated Belt Conveyor


Side Flexing Chain Conveyor

Floor to Floor Conveyor

Little Tuffy Portable Conveyor

Portable Belt Conveyor - Hydraulically Adjustable

Mini Parts Conveyor


Straight Running Chain Conveyor

Horizontal Roller Bed Belt Conveyor

Horizontal Slider Bed Belt Conveyor

Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor
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About Us
  • Since 1953, Ted Thorsen has proudly offered competitively price, cost-effective solutions, as well as custom designs to our national and international customers.

  • We have products to suit a full range of industries, including food service, food and consumer manufacturing, apparel and soft goods, manufacturing and distribution, electronic and assembly, automotive, military, office and file storage, health care and pharmaceutical, hospitality, retail and more.

  • Ted Thorsen has all the products a warehouse needs to run efficiently

    Portable Loading Dock Equipment - Dock Equipment Products

    Ted Thorsen brings you a large selection of dock equipment accessories and portable loading dock equipment.  Our industrial desks and workstations are manufactured with high quality material. 

    Our line of dock equipment includes:dock plates, dock boards, dock bumpers, ramps, strip doors and protective barriers, dock lights, dock fans, dock levelers, semi trailer truck access ladders, stretch wrap machines and more.

    Dock Boards – our line of dock boards includes economical dock boards, aluminum dock boards and all welded steel dockboards.

    Dock Bumpers – We offer luminated dock bumpers with 4" projection.

    Other projections available, contact T.T.
    Horizontal (shown) or vertical mounts available.
    3/4" anchor bolt holes.

    Dock Fans and Lighting– our dock equipment accessories include dock loading lights, dockmaster safety lighting systems and stop and go loading dock communication lights.

    Protective Barriers – our protective barriers include:  Column rack guards, high profile machinery guards and low profile rack guards.

    Semi Trailer Truck Access Ladders – Ladders to provide safer access to semi-trailers when docking bays are full or unavailable. Ideal for retail and stand alone facilities,"trailer jumpers" now have a safer alternative. Industrial Truck Ladders offer a 55-degree angle and provide a deeper run which allows workers to ascend/descend more quickly. Rugged wheels enable easy transport over rough surfaces - just lift the front bumpers and go.

    Stretch Wrap Machines – semi automatic stretch wrap machines to provide workers with efficient control of the wrapping process.  These stretch wrap machines feature a carousel or turntable area for ease of use and product maneuverability.  Optional approach ramps or powered mast for taller loads are available on certain models.

    Strip Doors – Ted Thorsen carries a complete line of strip doors, including the Clear Flex II® line of strip doors.  Some doors feature Scratch Guard® which provides superior scratch resistance and keeps strip doors clearer longer.  Choose from a variety of strip door materials including clear plastic, clear plastic with Scratch Guard®, fluorescent or luminescent strips for high visibility and safety, or insect barrier strips made of black or safety yellow mesh strips.  We also carry door strip templates and installation hardware, replacement strips, and strips instandard or low-temperature formulations.

    Drum Handling Equipment

    Drum Handling Equipment - Spill Containment Products and Drum Handling Equipment

    TedThorsen brings you a large variety of drum handling equipment and spill containment products which includes the following...

    Drum Chocks - Eliminate the need for expensive specialty racks and stands to store your drums horizontally. Now with the drum chock you can store your drums horizontally on standard pallet racks or on wooden pallets. The chock eliminates rolling while drums are stored on their side. Models are also available to tilt drums forward for better drainage from standard faucets. Front stops are included on tilted models to eliminate drum side off. Constructed of recycled polyethylene.

    Drum Dollies -Transport ordinary or specialty styled drums easily with these multipurpose drum dollies.

    Drum HandlingTrucks  - We carry drum handling trucks to suit many applications. Our selection includes:  Drum King Drum Handling Trucks,  Drum ‘n Barrel Trucks, Drum ‘n Barrel Safety Trucks, Drum Trucks for 85 Gallon Overpacks,  and Multi Functional Drum Trucks.

    Drum Pallets – Our drum pallets and stackable drum pallets include: Structo Cell® drumpallets, ENVIROPAL drum pallets, plastic drum pallets and single and dual faced drum pallets.

    Drum Tiers  - Increase storage space by stacking your drums with Drum Tiers. The economical Drum Tier is designed to help maximize floor space in a safe and convenient manner. The lightweight design utilizes one person operation. Handles steel drums up to five units high. Tabs keep drums aligned when stacked.

    Drum Transportand Stacking Stand - Transport 30 or 55-gallon fiber, plastic or steel drums with the use of a pallet truck or fork truck. A special understructure with fork tine lock tabs minimizes the possibility of the drum accidentally tipping while being transported with a fork truck. The Drum Stand also allows for drum stacking for compact storage of drums up to three high (empty stands are nestable and stackable). Capacity is 1,500 pounds.

    Lo-Profile Drum Caddies With Bung Wrench Handle - Reduce injuries caused by manually lifting and moving drums. Transport (1) 55or 30 gallon drum or (2) 5 gallon pails with the Lo-Profile Drum Caddy.

    Poly Drum Cradles - Dispense drum contents into smaller containers and avoid messy clean-ups with Poly Drum Cradles. The horizontal drum cradle collection system captures all spills and leaks and stores them in the interior of the hollow cradle for reuse or safe, clean disposal. Poly drum cradles feature fork entry and come standard with drain plug.

    Revolving Drum Carts  - These drum carts are designed to rotate 55 gallon drums from the vertical position to the horizontal position so their contents may be emptied.Simple one-person operation. Steel construction.

    Stackable Drum Racks  - These steel stackable drum rackshave 2-way fork truck access. Not recommendedf or stacking more than 2 rackshigh. All steel construction with a 1/4"formed steel cradles. Bolt together assembly with hardware included.

    Spill Containment & Storm Water Managment

    Spill Containment - Oil Spill Containment - Stormwater Managment - Spill Decks and Pallets - Sumps

    The Spill Containment product line is the most extensive in the world. Using molded polyethylene, polyurethane and polymer-coated fabrics as the primary materials of choice, these “secondary containment” products are engineered to capture hazardous material spills from a wide variety of vessels, including laboratory bottles, drums, IBC tanks, stationary tanks, machinery, tanker trucks and railcars.

    The Stormwater Management product line features an array of products designed to filter contaminants (i.e. sediment, oil and chemicals) from stormwater runoff, stop hazardous spills from entering storm drains and to protect drums and tanks from outdoor elements.

    The Facility Protection product line is comprised of many practical products that are designed to protect facility structures and grounds. Various items protect walls, I-beams, etc., against physical damage while others protect against damage caused by uncontrolled fluid flow including water, chemicals and oil. The product line helps reduce maintenance costs while enhancing the appearance of a facility overall.

    The Construction Compliance product line consists of a complete line of erosion control, stormwater management and spill containment products. The products are user-friendly and cost-effective, and allow a general contractor or site developer to one stop shop their needs.

    Pallet Racking - Pallets - Pallet Framing

    Handling Pallets and Equipment - Variety of Handling Pallets and Equipment

    Ted Thorsen brings you quality material handling pallets, skids and equipment for your factory, warehouse, distribution center, transportation department, production and work areas, or for any material handling,shipping or storage application.

    Pallets – we carry an extensive line of pallets for all industrial and workplace needs.  Choose the pallet best suited to your application, whether you require lightweight pallets, oversized pallets, heavy duty industrial pallets, or our economical pallets, Ted Thorsen has what you're looking for.  Our pallet inventory includes:


    Pallets and Skids

    Custom Pallets

    Roll Pallets

    Plastic Pallets

    Pallets for Bulk Containers

    Spill Control Pallets

    Composite Wood Pallets

    Slave Pallets

    Rackable Pallets

    Wire Mesh Pallets

    Drum Pallets

    Aluminum Pallets

    Steel Pallets

    Corrugated Pallets

    Stackable Pallets

    Pallet Framing – We carry  Stak Pal Steel Stacking Pallet frames and NESTAINER nesting pallet frames.  Our pallet frame selection includes:  Stacking Pallet Frames, Nesting Pallet Frames, Collapsible Pallet Frames, Roll Carriers, Pallet Frame Options and Accessories, Corrugated Steel Pallet Frames, Plastic Pallet Frames, Wire Pallet Frames, and more.

    Pallet Jacks/Trucks – our large collection of handling pallets and equipment includes a large number of pallet jacks and trucks for almost any type of industrial workload.  With standard and heavy duty capacity pallet jacks and trucks you'll be able to handle your workload safely and quickly.  We offer many styles and capacities of pallet jacks and trucks including: Manual Pallet Jacks/Trucks, Motorized Pallet Jacks/Trucks, Hi-LiftPallet Jacks/Trucks, Roll Jacks, Scale Jacks, and Custom and SpecialPurpose Pallet Jacks and Trucks

    Pallet Racking – our pallet racking products include: boltless pallet racking, rack guards, pallet racks, selective pallet rack, roll form racks, structural rack, rack decks, mezzanine rack, pallet flow rack, slide-out racks, and cantilever rack.

    Pallet Stands – Our adjustable pallet stands and the Thin Spin™ Pallet Truck Loadable Carousel are two of the pallet stands we feature.

    Conveyors Systems & Speed Rails

    Industrial Conveyors - Large Variety Industrial Conveyors

    Ted Thorsen brings you a large selection of industrial conveyors.  Our industrial conveyors are manufactured with high quality material.  We offer conveyors for all budgets and all workplace needs.

    Our line of industrial conveyors includes…

    Gravity Conveyors – these industrial conveyors include a gravity roller conveyors, gravity skate wheel conveyors and accessories for our gravity conveyors.

    Flat Top Chain Conveyors – this category of industrial conveyors includes side flexing chain conveyors, straight running chain conveyors and wire mesh belt conveyors.

    Flexible & Expandable Conveyors – flexible and expandable industrial conveyors, including gravity skate wheel, gravity roller, and impact conveyors.

     Horizontal Belt Conveyors – we offer three varieties of horizontal belt conveyors.  Horizontal roller bed belt conveyors, horizontal slider bed belt conveyors and wire mesh belt conveyors.


    Inclined Belt Conveyors -  our inclined belt conveyors selection includes floor to floor conveyors, little tuffy portable conveyors and hydraulically adjustable portable belt conveyors.

    Parts Handling Conveyors – we offer a variety of parts handling conveyors.  They include the accumulator, inclined cleated belt conveyors, mini parts conveyors and an unscrambler.


    Ted Thorsen offers a complete selection of conveyors including:

    Overhead conveyors

    Garment Conveyors

    Gravity Conveyors

    Ball Transfer Conveyors

    Power Conveyors

    Powered Roller Conveyors

    Powered Belt Conveyors

    Expandable Conveyors

    Portable Conveyors

    Conveyor Accessories

    Conveyor Bags and Carriers

    Vertical Conveyors

    Powered Trolley Conveyors

    Inclined Conveyors

    Conveyor Flow Decks

    Flow Racks

    If you have any questions about our industrial conveyors, contact us today.