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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning Tips From Ted Thorsen: Learn how to do Spring Cleaning Using Material Handling Equipment

It's Spring Time! That means Spring Cleaning Time!

Feel like you're trapped in your own house? Unable to navigate through a constantly growing sea of stuff? Whether it's clothes, paperwork, toys, sports gear, tools - or all of the above

Our possessions need a place of their own, so our homes and our lives are easier to manage.

Here are a few tips for turning unused areas of the home into orderly storage:


Kids have puzzles, Lego, train sets, Barbie dolls and countless other toys with what seem like thousands of parts. Help!

How can I keep them all organized?

bins, baskets, get orgainized
Plastic Storage Bins-
Blocks, doll clothes, small toy cars, Tinkertoys, and all the other loose items floating around the house belong together. We recommend using shelves with tubs of different sizes as opposed to toy boxes. Toys last longer when they're stored gently and not stacked, and the kids can find things more easily. More Info

bins, baskets for organization

Small plastic bins are perfect for Legos, Barbie clothes and accessories, and Hot Wheels cars. Find the totes a size larger with handles on the top for easy carrying to and from the play area.Larger tubs hold blocks, play food and dishes, and other pieces that just seem to multiply in the night. More Info

bins, baskets for organization

Try clear tubs for easy viewing, or label with words or pictures for younger children. If they can't see what's inside, chances are they won't use the toys within the nicely organized containers. More Info

bins, baskets for organization

Get Labels or get creative, and let the kids help you label the boxes with photos or magazine clippings of the items. This is a good rainy day project, and promotes reading skills for the little ones. More Info


A new season can be a great motivator for getting organized, but people are sometimes frustrated in their attempts to create order out of chaos, especially when every closet is already overflowing

One secret to success is to create new storage space in places you didn't even know you had. There are a surprising number of unnoticed spots just waiting to be tapped for organization duty. Find those hidden places, add the right storage item - from a bookshelf to a compact desk - and order can banish disorganization once and for all.

bins, baskets for organization

Computer work stations and craft units fit into a corner of the bedroom or family room, and with the addition of a handsome screen or bookshelf divider, become a private getaway space.A computer armoire can enhance any room's decor by keeping essentials behind closed doors when work is done. More Info

bins, baskets for organization

Mobile Desks- For a flexible solution to the home office or hobby conundrum, mobile carts for computers and crafts allow the entire work center to be easily moved from room to room, depending on what's going on in the house. More Info


Put transitional spaces to work - Consumers can boost their organization quotient more easily than they realize. There are many hidden places in the home where the right storage piece can make all the difference in creating a sense of calm and order.

bins, baskets for organization

Storage Cabinets -That small hall between the garage and kitchen almost begs for a storage cabinet that will stash food stuffs, cleaning products, sports equipment or gardening gear.The upstairs hallway can boost organization space with the addition of bookcases or more elaborate libraries with door and drawer storage. More Info

bins, baskets for organization

In the kitchen & bath. A kitchen cart can be tucked into this busy room's smallest space to provide an instant pantry for storing and serving snacks. More Info

Laundry Made Easier- We have laundry carts that were featured in martha stewart living

bins, baskets for organization
Laundry Carts- "Popular with many of our editors, this sturdy canvas cart can handle whatever you throw at — or in — it. Use it to hold everything from sports gear to laundry, and simply wheel it into a closet when company comes over. But with its industrial good looks, you can easily leave it out on display." More Info

There are several things that can be done on the outside of the house as well. One great thing is walkway matting.

bins, baskets for organization

Matting- provides an abrasion and slip-resistant surface.

Many Sizes and colors available.We even have a selection of snow melting walkway matts available More Info

Give Yourself a Clutter Checkup

Every month or so, survey your closets, drawers, basement, and attic to make sure you know what you've got, what you need to pull out of storage, and what you should probably get rid of.

For More fun things to do for your home check out our ideas page or our blog page

Spring is also a great time to get your business organized

When you organize your business and eliminate the clutter, you will feel reenergized. You will find that you are easily motivated to get straight to work when you don’t have a mess to deal with.

Simple ways to organize your office, business, or warehouse

Labeling- Labels can be a cheaper but effective way to keep your files and parts organized. You can put your product in storage bins, cabinets, shelves, and put a label on it so your product is easier to find. Some labeling systems are specifically designed for use with bar code scanners and offer non-reflective plastic face. >>more info

storage bins, tote boxes, industrial storage, bins baskets
Storage bins- Storage units and plastic containers are great for storing products you sell as well as for holding large supplies, like printer paper, fittings, small parts, and supplies. >>more info

If you have faced the problem of not having enough storage space, you know that everything can become a cluttered, disorganized mess. Storage space can be easily added through shelving, cabinets, storage bins, tote boxes, storage units, bookcases and file cabinets.

shelving, shelves, racks, industrial shelving, industrial shelves, storage shelving, wire shelving
Shelving- Shelves are inexpensive and easy to install. You can store books, files, binders, supplies or whatever you need. >>more info

cabinets, industrail cabinets, lockers, industrail lockers, fire safe lockers, fire safe cabinets
Cabinets and Lockers- Cabinets are a flexible and sometimes more portable option. They help you organize and conceal your materials. Many cabinets are fire safe to keep your flammable + corrosive products and supplies safe if the worst happens.

>>more info

workbenches, workstations, tables, industrail tables, industrial workbenches, industrial workstations
Workbenches and Workstations- New workbenches and workstations can really make a difference in productivity, allowing a great space for assembly, packing, shipping or inspection work. Some units lock to keep your work secure.

>>more info

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