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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finding the Right Workbench, Table & Workstations to Fit your Needs.

Finding the Right Workbench, Table & Workstations to Fit your Needs.

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Finding the right work area configuration can sometimes be hard, Ted Thorsen has a team of Experienced Product Specialists to make the decision process a little easier.

No worker wants to do any tedious, or labor-intensive job on an unstable, or insufficient work surface. The wrong work surface could slow down productivity and even cause harm to the worker.

Professionals who work in laboratories, workshops and other industrial or manufacturing environments know the importance of having a work surface that is comfortable, safe, and designed specifically for the task at hand.

The right workstation can be an invaluable asset.

They can be constructed of durable materials ranging from steel, aluminum, wood, and industrial grade plastic. Any workbench worth having will provide some storage, shelves or expandability to create a versatile and efficient work area.

Having the Right Tool for the Job

Having materials close at hand is always an important thing to look for in a workbench. When the workflow is kept organized and close, it allows the worker to be more productive, while preventing muscle pain and fatigue.

Quality workbenches have features like bins, shelves, cabinets, drawers, and other accessories to allow easy access to parts or tools. Some also have the added benefit of having adjustable legs, this allows workers or jobs of different heights to elevate or lower to a comfortable work position, and this can help muscle and back strain. These are ideal for jobs that require sitting or standing for extended periods of time

Workbenches come in a variety of sizes and should be selected based on the type of work they are being used for.

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In a Laboratory, Kitchen, or Food Prep Area

Stainless Steel Workbench and worktables are a perfect choice

For applications in laboratories or food service areas, easy-to-clean Stainless Steel workbenches provide added durability and cleanliness. The stainless steel tops with heavy gauge channel supports provide unbeatable stability. Some stainless steel benches also feature a backsplash for spill or splash containment. The adjustable lower shelves provide plenty of space for storage and the adjustable legs accommodate the heights of multiple users. >> More Details

stainless steel workbench and worktables

On The Assembly Line or Packing Area

If you are in a work environment that handles large packing or heavy-duty assembly operations, extra Long workbenches and worktables are ideal. Extra long benches can help reduce congestion on work surfaces for jobs that are performed in teams. Height adjustable legs provide a comfortable work position based on the task or user. For an even bigger work surface you can combine worktables. Some assembly and packing workbenches have built in accessories to make production easier such as shelving, bin rails, paper spool holders, lighting, and power strips. They are quipped with all the amenities needed to boost your packing efficiency. >> More Details

mobile workbenches, mobile workstations

Mobile Workstation and Mobile Security Cabinets.

Easily transport your workbench where you need it. Mobile workstations make ideal portable work surfaces for maximum flexibility of work area (repairs, maintenance or assembly). A good option is a mobile repair cart; these carts are a mobile workstation with drawers and heavy-duty casters. Top shelf has front lip down for flush work area and 3 lips up. 2 locking drawers (keyed alike) with 2 keys - 5"H x 16"W x 20"D and all welded construction. Mobile workbenches are designed for various applications in any location. Mobile Tool Carts are also another great option; durable utility carts with racks for tool / small parts bins >> More Details

mobile workbenches, mobile workstations

Many of the workbenches we offer are ideal in The Warehouse

Heavy-duty, steel frame workbenches are perfect for warehouses, shipping areas, or any place where a heavy-duty workstation is needed!

If height or bending is an issue then you may want to consider a bench top tilter or efficiency master tilt table. Tilt Tables - Tilt pallets, crates, boxes or baskets 45° to facilitate easy container loading or unloading. Tables have all welded steel construction for years of durability. Unique design minimizes pinch points to meet OSHA requirements. Many lift tables are used as work surfaces, in addition to lifting a load. >> More Details

bench tilters, tilting workstations, scissor lift tables

Making Your Workbench “Yours”.

Customization or fabrication of your workbench is a great way to ensure that important materials are always close at hand. Deciding on a specific workbench material can help guarantee that tasks with specific provisions, such as those involving chemicals, food, electronic equipment, or apparel are done on a suitable work surface.

conigurable packaging workstation can't be surpassed for versatility and productivity enhancement

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Configurable Packaging Workstations can't be Surpassed for Versatility and Productivity Enhancement

We’ve found that with several different workbench configurations to choose from, Ted Thorsen can customize a workbench to meet the needs of just about any work environment!

  • These benches accommodate plastic tops with a high-pressure laminate that is great for daily, multi-purpose use.
  • They can also be used with ESD bench tops for protection against static electricity when working with sensitive computer items.
  • For unbeatable chemical resistance in work environments such as laboratories, choose the phenolic resin top.
  • The durable Stainless Steel tops have a 1-1/2" thick particleboard core with phenolic backer wrapped with 16-gauge, type 304 stainless steel for strength
  • Add a Stackable Drawer or Cabinet for additional storage space.
  • Add an Upright Kit for shelf space and easy accessory attachment. Or add the Light Kit for greater visibility in poorly lit environments.

It all adds up to a more efficient workbench.