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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Get your business organized for the New Year.

Get your business organized for the New Year.

Written by Ted Thorsen Material Handling

It is a brand new year and its time to get your business organized.

When you organize your business and eliminate the clutter, you will feel reenergized. You will find that you are easily motivated to get straight to work when you don’t have a mess to deal with. We've all seen it before-the messy, unorganized warehouse or office with boxes stacked to the ceiling and all sorts of odds and ends just lying around. It doesn't seem like a big deal until orders start shipping late because you can't find the right product, part or file. While this may be an extreme case of disorganization, it's also not far from the truth with some businesses.

Simple ways to organize your office, business, or warehouse

Start an efficient filing system

Files that you do not use anymore, but may need to keep are best stored in storage bins or totes. Bins can be stored on shelves, in a closet or cabinet to save space. Know what you can throw away and what you need to keep. Throw away outdated information. Keep legal documents such as contracts, warranties and tax documents. Organize your files by color-coding, alphabetically, or by type of file. Consider having separate drawers for different areas of business, such as clients, finances, and media

Labeling- Labels can be a cheaper but effective way to keep your files and parts organized. You can put things in storage bins, cabinets, shelves, and put a nice label on it so things are easy to find. Some labeling systems have bar codes that can be scanned for a more modern way of tracking inventory and parts. >>Click for more info

Storage bins- Storage units and plastic containers are great for storing products you sell as well as for holding large supplies, like printer paper, folders, small parts, and supplies. >>Click for more info

If you have faced the problem of not having enough storage space, you know that everything can become a cluttered, disorganized mess. Storage space can be easily added through shelving, cabinet installation, drawers, storage units, bookcases and file cabinets.

  • Shelving- Shelves are inexpensive, easy to install and can store books, files, binders, supplies or whatever you need. >>more info

  • Cabinets and Lockers- Cabinets are a more expensive, more permanent option and are nice, because they conceal your materials. Many cabinets are fire safe to keep your files, supplies, equipment safe if the worst happens.>>more info

  • Workbenches and Workstations- New workbenches and workstations can really make a difference in productivity. Allowing a great space to do your work, or house your computers. Some can even lock to keep your work secure.>>more info

The answer may be new metal shelving to hold and organize the inventory your business has on hand. Some companies can custom build shelves to whatever specification you need.

Even if you're not carrying inventory, metal shelving can be put to good use. It can help organize workstations, act as storage space for old documents, or function as a holding area for equipment or supplies.

The flexibility and customization of metal shelving means it's the right answer for all of these situations. They can be used in a commercial or residential setting. You are more likely to see metal shelving in the warehouse or in a setting like a body shop. But you also may see shelves in an office setting, for filing, supplies, and equipment.

The combination of durability and scalability is just too much to pass up for many business owners. Shelves can be produced that can fit side-by-side or on top of each other. The result is shelving space that can grow with your business.

If you need more room, simply build up or out on the shelving you already have in place. It's an easy option for those that don't know where their business is going to go in the next few years. That is just about every business owner out there.

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Save money and get organized with Used Wire Shelving Units

Save money and get organized with Used Wire Shelving Units

Time to start organizing your business in the new year, and a great way to clean up some clutter is with these great wire shelving units. Save money and get organized with these durable wire shelves. Shelves are inexpensive, easy to install and can store books, files, binders, supplies or whatever you need.

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High quality bright plated wire shelves and corner posts. Shelves feature solid plated reinforced edges for exceptional durability. Posts feature groove rings in 2" increments, providing shelf height adjustability. Shelving kits include four shelves and corner posts. FOB: CT.

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New Years ESD Tote Box Blowout!

New Years ESD Tote Box Blowout!

Time to get organized for the New Year with great new storage boxes. To start the New Year off right ESD Tote Boxes are on sale. These Tote boxes are priced to move now! Tote boxes are convenient for storage, very resilient and stackable. Their Sturdy one piece construction is water, rust and corrosion proof, and heat resistant to 300 degrees F.

Blue ESD Anti Static Modular Tote Box with Snap on covers (sold per set)


MTB 04304AS- Box

OD: 43-1/4" (L) x 28-1-1/4" (W) x 4-3/8" (H)

MTB 04304AS- Box w/lid

OD: 43-3/8" (L) x 28-3/8" (W) x 5" (H)

(includes corner stacking)

$104 Each Set + Shipping

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